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Product No.: GV058

Stanley Flask Wide Mouth Thermos Vacuum Bottle

The Stanley Thermos is insulated, made of 18/8 stainless steel. Custom color and logo are welcome! 3 sizes: 750ml, 1000ml, 1300ml

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Product Description

Insulation:The Stanley Thermos Flask is insulated, which keeps liquids such like coffee, tea, soup hot or cold for around 24 hours. The Stanley Thermos Flask is made of BPA-free materials, very eco friendly. 

Stanley Thermos Lid: The lid of Stanley Thermos is leak proof, you can put it in backpack, the Stanley Thermos Flask won't leak. Lid of the wide mouth Stanley Thermos can be used as another Stanley Thermos Cup.

Multiple sizes: The Stanley Thermos Flask comes in multiple sizes – 750ml, 1000ml and 1300ml. Stanley Thermos with handle easy to take with you when go out.

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