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Bamboo Water Bottle Frequently Asked Questions

How to make logo on bamboo bottle?

The most popular is laser logo on bamboo.

Actually ,we can do laser on many different materials,such as steel , leather,bamboo ,wood and so on . Laser skill burn the material on surface , so the logo looks darker color. Laser logo looks premium.And it’s very durable ,never fall off .

Is bamboo bottle material eco friendly?

Yes , It is totally eco friendly mateiral . No silver, aluminum,chromium ,Nickel,lead, Cadmium,copper, Cobalt or Manganese heavy metal in glass. We have FDA, LFGB, 1935/2004/EC, DGCCRF testing report for glass material. Welcome to check the details .

Some customers asked why laser logo not all same color when get the bamboo bottles

Amy : Yes .Because bamboo is nature material .That means some is old and some is young . Old bamboo is harder when do laser logo .So, old bamboo show light color logo and young bamboo comes with deeper color logo . That’s why bamboo bottle is unique.

How is the bamboo water bottle produced?

  1. Bamboo part :Purchase the nature bamboo and fumigate the raw materials by high temperature water to ensure it’s safe . The bamboo materials also looks yellow color by this process. Put bamboo materials in tube shape and cut the bamboo into the size and height we need.Just changed the bamboo size and shape .That’s why we say it’s totally nature bamboo.
  2. Make the steel inner part by steel material and mold.
  3. Combine the steel part with bamboo part by screw.
  4. We also need to produce the lid and silicone seal ring by injection machine .

Is bamboo bottle leak proof?

Yes, they are leak proof.

Can we make full design wrap the bamboo bottle?

Yes, we can make full pattern wrap the whole glass body. That’s very easy for us . Just the pattern cost and labor cost is a little higher compare with simple logo. But it do makes our glass bottle looks very nice . Please kindly contact our sales to see the beautiful full pattern bottles we have produced . Trust you will be surprised.

How can i know which bamboo water bottle can keeps cold?

The bamboo bottle which have 2 steel layers can keeps hot and cold for long time .But the price is also higher .Because it cost more material,labour on it . If you need bamboo thermos ,please kindly let us know .Our profession sales will send you details meet your requirements.

Can you add infuser in the bamboo bottle?

For GB8060 , GB8062 GB8070 and GB8075 ,easy to add infuser .Just need to produce a click position for infuser . Below 2 size infuser are available.

What kind of package can you offer ?

Our standard package is white box for small order.

Easy to produce custom square shape box ,rounded cylinder , gift box ,display box for customers . Any custom package is welcome . The MOQ is 200 pcs for custom package.

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